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Jan. 29, 2023

A Whiskey Array pt2 🛌 Catherine Hardy

Welcome to part-two in this conversation with Bridgeton-native Catherine Hardy.  Catherine owns and operates two historic rental properties, collectively known as A Whiskey Array.  

Meg and Catherine also chat about the importance of collaboration among locally owned and operated businesses.


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Catherine HardyProfile Photo

Catherine Hardy

Owner, A Whiskey Array

I am from Bridgeton and graduated BHS 1986. From there I received my bachelors degree from Fairliegh Dickinson University in North Jersey. I went to Los Angeles for work with McCann Erickson Advertising Agency. I moved back home in 2017 after reconnecting with my high school friends. I started my first short term rental in Roadstown and now have one in Hopewell. My daughter, 28, lives in Ventnor, NJ now and my 29 year old son is a Marine stationed in Japan.