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Join local conversations with the "beacons" of South Jersey on the Meg McCormick Hoerner sits with those who make a positive impact on the southern region of NJ, and it's residents.

Learn about vineyards and wineries in New Jersey with our Spring '22 South Jersey Winery podcast feature series.


About the Hosts

Meg McCormick HoernerProfile Photo

Meg McCormick Hoerner


Meg McCormick Hoerner sits with those who make a positive impact on South Jersey, and it's residents.

First and foremost, Meg loves the area. She has lived and worked in South Jersey her entire career.

She is determined to collect information, while the characters involved are still available to properly memorialize the stories.

With so many multi-generational businesses, founding families, and innovators - we're surrounded by great stories.

"Meg called me thirteen months ago, she was compelled to start collecting stories about people, history, and commerce in South Jersey.

She wanted to curate interviews with luminaries, legends, and old-timers - to develop a spoken history of sorts. "
- Tom

Meg is also the host of the most SEO dominant legal/law/lawyer podcast in New Jersey. Link via the little globe-icon below.

Or, it's easy to find at #1 on google for almost every NJ law podcast search term you can think of.

She has handled landmark cases and held top leadership positions as a prosecuting trial attorney in the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office.

As the former Chief Assistant Prosecutor, she succeeded in the largest white-collar criminal case in county history.

She also served as the lead attorney for the county’s Gangs, Guns and Narcotics Task Force, where she supervised the investigation and prosecution of many undercover drug investigations.

Tom RitterProfile Photo

Tom Ritter


Tom's background is digital product development and process automation.

He'll talk your ear off about the comparative efficiencies of various digital media until you wish you hadn't asked the question.

His focus is leveraging conversational audio to facilitate visibility, SEO, social content, and networking among decisionmakers.

Some of his productions include: - I.T. Asset Disposition - SWFL Real Estate (April '22) - Banking & Insurance Process Automation (April '22) - Employment Screening - Preservation of Spoken Yiddish - New Jersey Criminal Law

In recent months, the Bridgeton Beacon has picked up steam, renown, and visibility among South Jersey decisionmakers, search engines and social media.

Meg is now tripling-down on her own productions, and Tom is offering South Jersey enterprises, organizations, and innovators the opportunity to leverage the "Beacon" for their own legacy building, SEO, and visibility.

Is your business multi-generational or innovative?

Do you have a few stories to tell?

We can turn those stories into a meaningful, multi-media legacy. That's a win-win.