Your South Jersey Podcast
Nov. 3, 2022

About Paul Hunsberger 🎙️

Welcome back to the Bridgeton Beacon. Meg is joined by Dan Hunsberger, son of local broadcast legend, Paul Hunsberger. 

It was a voice that was familiar to many in the South Jersey area. For years, Paul Hunsberger hosted “Off The Cuff” on WSNJ, interviewing local residents and giving them a chance to share their stories. 

South Jersey residents for decades – Paul Hunsberger, the host of WSNJ’s “Off The Cuff.” Each week, Hunsberger would sit down with local politicians, business owners, community leaders, and more to discuss relevant issues and events in the area.

Listeners tuned in to hear to  hear about the latest happenings in their community and to hear unique perspectives from individuals they may have otherwise never heard from.

Jim Quinn on Paul Hunsberger:


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