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April 13, 2021

Cohanzick Zoo in Bridgeton NJ 🦙

The Cohanzick Zoo opened its gates as New Jersey’s first zoo in 1934. Home to nearly 100 animals representing more than 45 different species from around the world, the zoo has been a regional destination attraction for generations.

We are a small free zoo, situated on approximately 15 acres within the city of Bridgeton’s 1100 acre park, but we provide a home for some larger than life animals including Holly, our Asiatic black bear! We’ve been described by many as a hidden gem nestled in the woods, well off the beaten path.

The zoo is owned and operated by the City of Bridgeton. The city provides for the basic operations of the zoo, while our non-profit Cohanzick Zoological Society provides the funding for animal acquisitions, veterinary medications & equipment, specialty feeds, renovations, new construction and improvements, and supplements all aspects of our basic operation. (

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