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Season 1

March 26, 2022

Bob Woodruff Sr pt3 🎶 Bay Atlantic Symphony

Welcome to part III in this series with Bob Woodruff, of Bridgeton, NJ. For over 150 years, five generations of the Woodruff family have serviced the South Jersey community’s fuel needs. In this three-part series, Bob Woodru...

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November 23, 2021

Kate Lairson pt1 - Black Bird Local

Kate Lairson joins the Bridgeton Beacon Podcast to discuss Black Bird Local, a new farm to fork catering option for the discriminating South Jersey palette. Formerly the executive chef at the Red Eyed Crab in Port Norris, she...

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August 14, 2021

Embracing Opportunity with Cumberland Mutual CEO Paul J. Ritter III

In this episode, Meg and Paul J. Ritter III discuss the history of the PJ Ritter Company and Cumberland Mutual in the context of why “embracing opportunity” has always been - and always will be - the key to turning a business into a thriving industry in Bridgeton. Topics include:  PJ Ritter Co. - Cumberland Mutual Insurance - Lester Brown - Owens Illinois - Sea Brook Brothers & Sons - Jersey Tomato - Catsup - Paul Hunsberger

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June 18, 2021

Bridgeton Property Rehabber Austin Headrick

In this episode, Meg and local rehabber Austin Headrick test out the new Bridgeton Beacon podcast studio and brainstorm with friends about potential future guests. What Austin didn’t share, is that he is exceedingly generous ...


June 14, 2021

Reporter and Educator Dave Price

Retired reporter and educator Dave Price describes his approach to teaching and communication and why he believes Bridgeton is filled with real-life "Batmans" and other Super Helping Heroes. Topics include: John Fuqua - Bridg...


May 28, 2021

John Fuqua - Life Worth Living Nonprofit in Bridgeton NJ

John Fuqua 1996 graduate of Bridgeton High School. John has a Bachelors in English from William Patterson. As the founder of the Life Worth Living nonprofit, and an advocate for Stronger Families nonprofit, John is a genuine beacon of Bridgeton.  He  lives a life centered around purpose and community, and we're proud to feature him on the podcast.

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March 30, 2021

Strengthening Bridgeton - Youth to Youth

Meg sits down with Karen E. Barnett, Director of the Bridgeton Municipal Alliance - Youth to Youth group , since it's formation in 1991. Ms. Barnett describes the ingredients and recipes to create the menu of programs and pla...

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March 16, 2021

Street Gangs and God | The Battle in the Streets

Meg zooms with Deacon Arnaldo Santos , a former Bridgeton Detective turned youth-group leader. Join us on all the popular podcast apps, or right here at the For those who don't know.. The city of Bridgeton...

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March 08, 2021

Bridgeton Beacon Season 1 Trailer

Welcome friends and neighbors. Coming soon! On the first episode, of the first season of the Bridgeton Beacon, Meg welcomes Deacon Arnaldo Santos. Deacon Santos is a former Bridgeton detective, and a beacon in the community. ...