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May 12, 2021

James Galanos Fashion Designer ✂️

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🧵 James Galanos ([gulAn´Os]) was an American fashion designer, couturier and photographer. He was born 20 September 1924 in a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Galanos graduated from Bridgeton High School in Bridgeton, New Jersey in 1942 and went to New York City intending to enroll at a school headed by Barbara Karinska, a Russian stage designer and costumer. When the school failed to open in the autumn, he enrolled at the Traphagen School of Fashion. He attended two semesters at Traphagen, the first spent in general design studies and the second in draping and construction. Galanos left the school after eight months, in 1943, because he felt that what he wanted to learn could only be acquired from practical experience in the garment industry. Galanos died on 30 October 2016 in West Hollywood, CA. (

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