Your South Jersey Podcast
April 8, 2022

JG Akerboom Nurseries 🌱 Strong Roots

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Almost 100 years ago, Jacobus Geradus Akerboom brought his passion for Horticulture to Bridgeton, NJ from his native Netherlands and J.G. Akerboom was born.  Jacobus's daughter Rachel Elizabeth Sherman, and her husband James E., took over the operations in the mid-60's and moved to the current location in Cedarville, until their sons, John and Brian Sherman took over in the early 1990's.

Meg kicks off The Bridgeton Beacon's series on the importance of the agricultural industry to Cumberland County by chatting with Brian about the history of J.G. Akerboom and their transition to one of the premier "Liner" producers of 🌱 1 and 2 year old seedlings, fully rooted cutting transplants and potted grafted liners when they recognized a market need for high-quality Liners.  Today, they ship their product all over the country.

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