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April 10, 2022

Overdevest Nurseries 🌻 Growing Gardens Today and Tomorrow

Welcome to part 2 in this series. Meg continues her conversation with David Wilson, Director of Marketing for Overdevest Nurseries, LP.

Since 1952, when the nursery was founded by John and Jean Overdevest after they left Holland and settled in Bridgeton, Overdevest Nurseries has been a family-owned, wholesale-only nursery dedicated to providing the highest quality plant material by growing and selling over 2,000 varieties of trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, and patio plants to garden centers throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

As the third generation enters the business, Overdevest's commitment to quality, sustainability and technological advancements continue under the helm of Ed Overdevest, President and Engineer.

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